LAB snus

LAB snus

Lab Series by Swedish Match

Created by tobacco giant Swedish Match, The Lab Series line of snus was designed with the needs of consumers in mind. Making its debut in September 2009, Lab Series is a relatively new brand of snus with an expanding lineup of impressive tasting snuses.

Developed With Consumers In Mind

In their journey to discover what consumers thought would make for the perfect snus, Swedish Match discovered that consumers care very little for brands, and instead “want snus” ­snus that tastes good and lasts a long time rather than shows off its label. As a result, the Lab Series made its debut without any logos, and the first members of the Series were named 01 Original and 02 Strong. Swedish Match continues this trend, and now there are additional members of the Lab Series named 05, 06, 07 , 12, as well as the fresh line of Lab Series. Like the rest of Swedish Match’s products, the Lab Series rigidly adheres to their trademark Gothiatek manufacturing process. Under Gothiatek, all Swedish Match snus is treated as a food product, and only the finest ingredients are blended together under a watchful eye, ensuring that every product is of high quality.

A Brand That Stands Apart

In developing the Lab Series, a wide number of tobacco blends were evaluated based on a set of strict criteria ensuring that each member of the Lab Series had a perfect balance of fragrance and flavor. Aside from creating unique flavors from these blends, Swedish Match also made sure that the formula minimizes drip as much as possible. Furthermore, the Lab Series uses a slim portion format which combines the pleasure of a regular strength snus with the discreetness of slim portions. The Lab Series comes in simple, tastefully designed cans which place an emphasis on simplicity. In combining these elements together, Swedish Match’s Lab Series creates a strong brand which tastes delicious, has virtually no drip, and can be used for a long time.

Growth Of The Lab Series Lineup

Upon the release of 01 and 02 in September 2009, the Lab Series was soon recognized by consumers as being a high quality brand which addresses a wide number of complaints (drip, and portion size especially) people had with regular snus. Furthermore, both 01 and 02 came to be seen as tasty tobacco flavored snuses enjoyed by a range of consumers.

These positive qualities led the Lab Series to explode in popularity, and in response Swedish Match released 05 (white strong) and 06 (extra strong) to give consumers additional choices of nicotine content. 07 and 12 made their debuts in 2012, and once again demonstrated to consumers that Swedish Match is willing to take their demands seriously. Another addition to the Lab Series is a group of snuses known as “Lab Fresh” which made their debut in 2013. With slightly different can designs from the rest of the Lab Series, Lab Fresh adds some flavor to the classic Lab Series’ tobacco taste and is available in lemon, mint, and cool mint. In 2015 Lab yet again introduced a very special addition to their already great selection of products, this time it was the Lab 22 Mint Xylitol. This product quite uniquely contains flouride and prevent tooth decay and even protect against certain bacteria!

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