LAB 12 Mint Xylitol

Slim White Dry Portion
LAB 12 Mint Xylitol
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1 Roll for: $32.90

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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: Slim White Dry Portion

Weight / Snus: 35.00 g / 16.60 g

Strength: Strong

The LAB 12 Mint Xylitol White Dry is the replacement of Lab 12 mint and LAB 22 Xylitol, the perfect combination of the two to make an excellent mint snus! If you are familiar with the LAB 22 snus then you will recognize the flavour, a clear taste of peppermint with lovely sweet hints of vanilla and a nice finish of a mellow tobacco taste. A unique flavour mix and with a balanced snus experience.

The portions are white dry so they have a longer flavour and nicotine release due to the dryness of the portion. They are also slim so they are discreet under the lip with a comfortable fit. It has similar nicotine level as the LAB 22 with 1.15 %, not as strong as the previous LAB 12 which has 1.5 %.

The manufacturer of the LAB series, SwedishMatch, has a wide range of snus in all shapes, size, prices and formats. From an all-white tobacco free product with high nicotine levels to the good old traditional loose snus with dark tobacco characteristics. If one thing is sure, it’s that they simply have something for everyone!

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