Swedish candy

Swedish candy

Want to connect with your inner child again? Well, you´ve come to the right place. Forget about Willy Wonka, it´s Swedish candy you need to look out for. And just to be clear, Swedish candy doesn´t have an age limit, candy should be as fun now as it was when you were a child. Buy your cute little marshmallow cars from Ahlgrens bilar, and create your own traffic jam before you eat them all, or monkey around in the jungle with mouth-watering salty liquorice, Djungelvrål, which actually means ‘Jungle roar’. Remember how good milk chocolate used to taste when you were a child? Marabou, considered by the Swedes to be the best milk chocolate in the world, will take you back to your childhood. Swedish candy is all about the enjoying the tantalising taste and having fun while eating it.

So Many Flavours

Everyone, whether they have a sweet tooth or not, has a favourite flavour when it comes to Swedish candy, and now they are all available to try. Treat the taste buds to salty liquorice, fluffy marshmallow or fruity vine gum. Or indulge in chocolate; whether it is crunchy, salty or velvety soft that melts on the tongue the same second you put it in your mouth, there is something to suit everyone. Don´t forget about caramel; especially if it´s sweet, soft and covered with milk chocolate. It may be impossible to choose just one. Now you can order them all and create your own candy bag to suit every possibly craving. With all this sweet goodness, it’s no wonder that the Norwegians have been traveling to Sweden for years to ensure they get the best possible candy. And now they don´t have to drive all the way over the border, they can simply order all their favourite delicious Swedish candy from home, as we ship all over the world.

The sweet story of a Swedish tradition

Although Sweden may be the ultimate candy-land, most Swedish parents follow an age-old tradition where their kids are only allowed to eat candy on Saturdays. The phenomenon is called “lördagsgodis” and is of course the most popular day of the week. Everyone in the family buys their favourite candy and eats it together in front of the TV at night. This is a tradition for bringing the family together during the weekend and it teaches the children (and adults) to share. The family tradition behind Swedish Candy is one of the many reasons that these sweet treats have won hearts all over the world. Swedish candy is made with love.

Swedish candy becoming world-famous

People of all different nationalities have a growing affection for Swedish candy. Swedish chocolate is highly rated, with classics like the velvety soft milk chocolate Marabou and Dumle, a chewy fudge caramel and chocolate treat, winning more and more hearts worldwide. But Swedish candy is not only famous for its delicious taste, it´s also renowned as a candy that is as highly popular with adults as it as with children. It´s no easy feat to hit two so different target groups at once, but Swedish candy truly has something for everyone in the family. Dad might enjoy upgrading his car to the newer and faster model from Ahlgrens bilar, while mum can satisfy her chocolate craving with Ako Choc, a minty chocolate covered fudge that’s ‘oh so good’. A sure favourite among kids is Gott och Blandat, which is a delicious mix of soft and chewy fruit and liquorice flavoured candy that comes in all different shapes and sizes and every colour of the rainbow.

Hide all the iPads and cell phones and do as the Swedes: make Saturday ‘candy-day’ for you and your family. Let everyone tuck into their favourite Swedish candy and most importantly, spend some quality family time together!

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