Ahlgrens Bilar Sursockrade

Ahlgrens Bilar Sursockrade
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Manufacturer: Cloetta

Model: Sour

Weight / Snus: 100.00 g / 0.00 g


Are you wondering why there are so many versions of these Swedish foam candy cars in stores? That’s simply because they are so incredibly delectable that they can be appreciated in any taste or form! One of our personal favourites is the Ahlgren’s Bilar Sursockrade that is coated with a sour sugar topping that will leave your face looking grimaced but happy. It is impossible to only take one of these delights and before you know it you will have emptied an entire bag! The cars come in three different colours – green, white and pink which all have different flavours. This candy is exactly the sweet and sour experience you need!

The bags weigh in at 100 grams and the idea behind this size was to make it shareable with friends and family, but we think it is perfect to keep all to yourself as well! The bag’s design is fun and clearly displays each colourful car at the front together with green and yellow colours. Each version of Bilar has its own distinctive colour scheme at the front and the original bag is of course yellow and red.

Cloetta is a huge manufacturer of candy and is well known all over Sweden. Every Swede has at least one favourite candy from their assortment and Ahlgren’s bilar is one of their most popular brands.

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