Probe snus

Probe snus

Probe Snus, which has been around since 1994, immediately became a favourite among whiskey-lovers upon its release. The idea behind it was as simple as it was brilliant. We all appreciate a glass or two of the strong brown liquor, so why not produce a snus that delivers the same delicious taste but without the dreadful, soul-destroying hangover the next day? We haven't actually tried the Kentucky bourbon that goes into making Probe, but if the taste is anything to go by, it must be top-of-the-shelf stuff for sure. At the same time, the faint hint of smoke has made Probe a popular choice among another big group of people, namely cigar lovers. If you can't afford those shockingly expensive Cohibas or Romeo y Julietas (or a visit to the cigar factories of old Havana), Probe may be your most affordable – not to mention enjoyable – alternative.

A taste of Kentucky

Probe is not the only whiskey-flavoured snus on the market, but whereas the competition favours Scotch, Probe is alone in opting for Kentucky Bourbon. Whether this is to your liking or not obviously depends on what your drug of choice is, but we dare say that as far as taste is concerned, Probe is second to none. The Kentucky influence is clearly discernible in the sweet taste of chocolate and the fruitiness of the aroma. Those who have visited one of the many famed distilleries in The Bluegrass State, whether it be Woodford, Willett or The Wild Turkey, will recognize this as the true taste of Kentucky. You don't really have to be a whiskey lover to appreciate Probe, though. Whereas some find bourbon too strong or harsh for their liking, Probe is a finely balanced, gentle snus that will please even the most faint-hearted consumer. To test this theory, you can let a panel of handpicked whiskey-haters have a try. After much initial scepticism we’re sure all doubts will be blown away in a haze of bourbon-flavoured happiness.

Easy to bake, easy to like

One of the signatures of Swedish Match products is that they are easy to handbake, and the loose version of Probe is no exception. The art of making a nice portion using only the palm of your hand and your fingers take years and years to master, but some snus brands make the job fiendishly difficult. In fact, the whole process sometimes degenerates into a virtual battle, leaving your hands, nails and even face covered in a thick layer of snus and hatred. In your paranoid state you may even start suspecting that the snus producers have made it difficult on purpose, as if your life wasn't full of disappointments, frustration and colossal failures already. Not so with Probe, which obediently conforms to whatever crazy shape you want it to assume. The monumental importance of this can hardly be overstated. If you want to avoid the challenge altogether, however, Probe also comes in portion format, a happy addition that took place in the otherwise miserable year of 2001. Regardless of which type you go for, we're pretty sure that you'll end up liking it. We do.

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