Catch snus

Catch snus

Introduced in 1984, the Catch family of snus has the distinction of being the first flavored portioned snus to be released on the Swedish market (Tre Ankare was the first snus to become available in a portion format in 1977). Since then, the Catch Snus brand of snus has become quite popular, and Swedish Match claims that the brand "promises to keep the snus experience exciting by constantly innovating in terms of functionality and taste”. Within the past decade, a number of different Catch flavors have been released, as well as a popular limited edition group of snuses known as the Catch Collection. Today the Catch family can be divided into two groups known as the Catch Line and the Catch Collection. Like all Swedish Match snuses, The Catch brand adheres to stringent Gothiatek manufacturing standards which ensures that every can of Catch meets or exceeds strict quality control regulations.

The Catch Line

The main segment of the Catch family of snus consists of Catch White Eucalyptus and Catch White Licorice, two highly popular brands which are also offered in a mini portion format. Unlike many other brands of snus on the market, Catch is only available in the portion variety as no loose format Catch is offered. Catch White Eucalyptus has a unique taste, and it is often great to have alongside a warm cup when you have a sore throat. Catch White Licorice on the other hand has a taste of mild tobacco paired with strong hints of licorice, producing a tasty snus which is great as an after dinner treat. Recently, Swedish Match introduced a new member to the Catch line called Catch Pure Mint, and as the name implies it has a mint flavor. Keeping in line with their promise of innovation in the Catch brand, Swedish Match released Pure Mint in a new “medium slim” portion format. This new format falls between mini and original portions, creating a tasty yet discreet snus which has been met with positive reception amongst Catch snus fans.

Limited Edition: The Catch Collection

Introduced in 2008, the Catch Collection was designed to showcase a range of limited edition flavors, and at various times during the year a new flavor replaces the old one. Each member of the Catch Collection family is sold until the release of the next member of the collection (which usually happens every six months or so), giving consumers the opportunity to try a wide variety of unique snus blends. Over the years, the Catch Collection has offered a number of interesting brands, the most notable being Thrill (raspberry pepper mix), Spring Street (apple, cinnamon, & ginger), and Madison Avenue (tobacco, peppermint, and butterscotch). Because quantities of Catch Collection are only offered for a limited period of time be sure to stock up on your favorite flavor before a new one replaces it!

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