Bestselling products

Bestselling products

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Have you ever wondered what other snusers out there love? Well this may be the answer to your question. We have gathered our top 10 snus cans from this month’s bestsellers which will give you more than a hunch. Why not try something new and see what other snus lovers enjoy, who knows, maybe you will find your new favourite! 

The best thing about a bestselling category is that it is a mixture of everything, it is a summary of all the goodies we have. Sometimes we're in a hurry and simply don't have the time to scroll through every product and read all reviews, you can see it as a shortcut. If you’re looking to find your favourite snus but having some trouble picking among our huge selection, then why not grab some ideas from the customers of

Keep in mind that you don't have to try it all at once, you can add an extra can here and there when it suits you. 

Best Swedish snus

Still can't decide? Check out the top selling brands we have at snusdirect, the following brands are considered among the best Swedish snus brands there is. You may notice that we have some newcomers on the list but don’t forget the good old brands that have been on top of the list for decades. 

Top 10 snus brands:

  • General snus
  • Ettan snus
  • Skruf snus
  • Göteborgs Rapé
  • Grov snus
  • Odens Snus
  • Siberia snus
  • Jacobssons Snus
  • Kaliber snus
  • Nick & Johnny

Best Nicotine Pouches

Not all bestsellers are in fact Swedish Snus, many chooses to skip tobacco in favor for the new and popular nicotine pouches.

Top 5 nicotine pouches:

  • Lyft snus
  • Skruf Super White
  • Nordic Spirit
  • On! Nicotine Pouches
  • White Fox

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