Limited edition snus

There is something inherently appealing about the idea of acquiring an exclusive product that very few people will have access to, whether it's a custom-made suit, a pair of elegant Italian shoes or, if you're a hedge fund manager, a rare sports car. The same is no less true of snus, of course, and for those willing to pay a little extra, some very good options are now available.

Snus for the discerning consumer

Kardus limited edition series has been receiving rave reviews ever since they first started coming out, leading some to grant it the title “the world's best snus.” That, of course, is ultimately a question of personal taste, but there's no denying that Kardus has everything you could reasonably demand from a snus product. It feels great in the mouth, the developers having found just the right balance between dryness and moistness. The complexity of the aromas can match those of even the finest wines, and it all comes in beautiful handmade boxes that makes you feel very special indeed. Swedish Match Grovsnus' Voltage edition is another great limited edition snus. True to its traditional philosophy of producing good, strong, tobacco-flavoured snus, the guys behind the Voltage edition has ensured that it packs a rather heavy punch. That is not to suggest that Grovsnus Voltage is a crude snus. On the contrary, the tobacco flavour is nicely complemented by tones of wood, herbs and nuts.

The limitations of limited editions

Of course the thing that makes limited edition snus great can also be the source of frustration. Usually when you've enjoyed a product enough to want to buy it again, the only thing you have to do is get off your lazy arse and head to the nearest shop. Not so with limited edition snus, which may disappear off the shelves before you know it. As frustrating as that may be, you usually won't have to wait long for another limited edition product to pop up somewhere.

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