Jakobsson's Apple & Wild Berries

Original Portion

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Manufacturer: Gotlandssnus

Model: Original Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.50 g / 20.00 g


The Jakobsson's Apple & Wild Berries has unfortunately been discontinued, hopefully it will be back again next year around autumn.

Jakobsson's Apple & Wild Berries (sv. Äpple & Skogsbär) is unlike anything you have ever tried before. The flavours are ingeniously combined to give you a crisp, autumn-like feeling with a touch of forest and ripe apples. You will be instantly greeted by a slightly sweet yet natural tasting apple character that has a refreshing touch to it. You will find that the delicious companion to our beloved apple is a dark note of berry which is why we believe this is a flavour experience your taste buds will never forget.

As always with products from the Jakobsson lineup the pouch material is incredibly soft and quite simply a pure pleasure to keep under the lip. They are also of the Original variety which means they have a higher moisture level than white portion snus and also a more effective flavour and nicotine release.

The master blenders at Gotlandssnus are just that, master blenders. Their products never seem to disappoint, instead they continuously show us just how motivated, ambitious, innovative and incredibly skilled the team at Gotlandssnus are.

Declaration of content
Tobacco, water, taste enhancer (table salt), humectants (E422, E1520), acidity regulator (E500), aromas

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