Lundgrens Västkusten White

White Portion
Lundgrens Västkusten White
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Manufacturer: Fiedler & Lundgren

Model: White Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.00 g / 17.60 g

Strength: Normal

If you are looking for a flavour representing the heart of the west coast then you have found it. With a warehouse located on the Swedish Weast Coast we are proud to present the Lundgrens Västkusten (eng. Weast Coast) flavours of rosehip and heather that takes you right back to a typical Swedish summer’s day with salty winds.

The pouches are regular portions and come in a white format. The flavour is therefore long-lasting with less drip. With a nicotine level of 10mg/g you also get a nicotine kick whilst enjoying the lovely flavour combinations. If you enjoy the other Lundgrens snus then this is right up your ally.

The first Lundgrens was launched in 2014 so the brand is relatively new, but with the few years of production Fiedler and Lundgrens have truly grown as a brand and the Lundgrens snus have become well known on the snus market. Representing different Swedish counties and combining our beloved Swedish nature with our favourite snus flavours. Carrying a Lundgrens can brings a certain sense of pride, especially if you have the flavours of your favourite region.

Declaration of content
Water, tobacco, flavor enhancers (saline), humectants (E1520), acidity regulators (E500), licorice, salmoniak, aromas.

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Robert S
June 16, 2020
This is my go-to daily snus, it's got great floral and earthy notes to the flavor and the pouch design gives a nice bite Great value at the price point!
Ollin S
January 13, 2020
Taste like summer
After reading the description, I decided to try it out. I was not disappointed. The taste is wonderful and really does remind me of the summer lavender blooms. It’s floral and earthy taste compliment the tobacco very well. It has since become part of my daily rotation