LOOP Nicotine Pouches

LOOP Nicotine Pouches

In an industry where mint is the dominating flavor for most brands and products, LOOP offer unique blends and pairings that can only be the product of ingenious craftsmanship (and bravery). Brace yourselves for wacko flavor combinations such as Jalapeño & Lime, Licorice & Raspberries among many others only to be blown away by the incredible and surprising way they pair together! All these flavors are fitted into discreet slim bags that lie inside the first-ever environmentally friendly nicotine pouch cans. Nicotine strengths range from normal to extra strong making them equally appealing to the novice as to the well-versed nicotine pouch user.

Five reasons why LOOP has become an International success

  • Surprising & exciting flavors

    If there was ever a time you thought about swapping your regular mint-flavored pouch for something else, here is your chance to try something truly original. Jalapeño and Lime may sound odd at first, but the combination is irresistible. The demand for unique nicotine pouch flavors has rapidly increased and primarily stems from the US where nicotine pouches are incredibly popular, much thanks to their discreet nature, but also because of their smoke-free usage. LOOP was initially released for the European market, but as the rest of the world became tempted by their unprecedented blends they quickly spread onto the international market. Whether you are looking for a spicy after-dinner treat or tart strings of orange that will take you right back to childhood memories of fresh lemonade on a hot summer’s day, there will be a flavor for you with LOOP’s one-of-a-kind series. Spicy and sour has been done before, but never like this!

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  • No teeth staining

    With LOOP’s unique pouches you can expect completely invisible usage, which is mainly due to their all white contents. Each pouch contains carefully chosen components of plant fibers, flavoring agents, chewing gum base and nicotine. The nicotine has been extracted from tobacco leaves then purified leaving nothing but the nicotine and no tobacco residue at all. The crystal white insides of each bag remain white before, during and after usage just like your teeth! This means that LOOP offers the ultimate discreet pouch that is neither boring nor inefficient in its nicotine punch. Looking at the small slim bags of a LOOP pouch makes it rather hard to believe how much flavor and nicotine it holds! The idea for nicotine pouches stems from the US, where both non-smokers and ex-smokers were looking for cleaner ways of enjoying nicotine, without the possibly harmful effects of tobacco or cigarette consumption. Here are some of the other smokeless alternatives that are often enjoyed in the US.

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  • PlantCanTM – the world’s first recyclable can

    This is truly remarkable and will hopefully spark the production of recyclable cans from all manufacturers in Sweden. The world moves toward a cleaner living – what better way to celebrate clean living than by producing a smoke and tobacco-free pouch using environmentally friendly means? The cans consist of 50% plant based material along with recycled plastic that can, of course, be recycled over and over.

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  • Instant RushTM Technology

    Sometimes, the problem with nicotine pouches can be an extremely slow onset of nicotine and flavor only to then have it all released at once in a super strong surge. With LOOP’s Instant RushTM Technology users are guaranteed quick delivery of flavor and nicotine as well as a long-lasting experience. The Rush TM Technology ensures a steady and satisfying nicotine release that can be enjoyed for much longer than regular pouches. These qualities have become enormously important among ex-smokers in the US, as a pleasing nicotine experience is more likely to quash cigarette cravings. It is understandable why the figure of Swedish smokers is relatively low – you can read more about this here!

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  • Nicotine strengths for all users

    Many brands swing one way or another; they will either release super strong products like these or extremely novice-friendly strengths and may not offer anything in the mid-range at all! No wonder LOOP has so quickly become one of the most best-selling pouches; with their nicotine levels ranging from normal to extra strong thus being suitable for all users regardless of previous nicotine experience. Which type of nicotine user are you?

    Where is LOOP Manufactured?

    LOOP is manufactured by a relatively new producer of snus, namely Another Snus Factory that operate at the heart of Sweden, in Stockholm. LOOP was their first brand to be released and has quickly become a favorite all through Europe and across the pond to countries such as the US. LOOP is an innovative brand in many senses of the word; both thanks to its extraordinary blends of flavor but also due to its 50% plant-based cans – a revolutionary creation that was the first of its kind. It is clear that Another Snus Factory is a workplace filled with innovative geniuses creating high quality stuff for our pleasure, and boy, do we love it!

    Who Might Enjoy a LOOP Pouch?

    The idea behind LOOP is clearly to provide nicotine fans with a fun alternative that keeps life unpredictable and full of surprises. LOOP-lovers are not seldom Americans whom often look for discreet, tobacco free portions that are by no means bland or boring, but rather packed with flavor and a powerful nicotine experience. Of course, for the ultimate mint fanatic who just can't seem to get enough of mint flavored pouches there are three different strengths offered in the LOOP series called Mint Mania, where users will be greeted by an icy fresh sensation of strong, sweet mint. So, whether you like it spicy, minty, sour, sweet, extra strong or just a pleasant tingle there is a pouch for you in the LOOP series.

    Furthermore, LOOP's pouches guarantee no dripping, no discoloration on teeth nor any brown lines covering your lips as a result of the tobacco moistening under your lip. The LOOP experience can be summed up as being pure, delicious, powerful and above all – fun!

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