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LOOP Mint Mania Extra Strong

Slim Nicotine Pouches
LOOP Mint Mania Extra Strong
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Manufacturer: Another Snus Factory

Model: Slim Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 35.00 g / 15.00 g

Strength: 20mg/g

Mint is the number one flavor when it comes to nicotine pouches – every manufacturer offers at least one mint flavored pouch. But the LOOP Mint Mania Extra Strong brings a whole new level of freshness to the table. Its icy notes of mint are not only intensely refreshing, but also give you a clean, fresh feel throughout the entire day. The cooling sensation is intensified by the high nicotine content!

LOOP’s pouches are comfortable, soft, slim and efficient - the four most important pouch attributes of a nicotine pouch! This product might suit the user who occasionally enjoys very strong products but is definitely not for the nicotine beginner. Its 11 mg/portion will give even the most experienced user a run for their money!

The manufacturer behind LOOP’s successful entry to the nicotine pouch market is Another Snus Factory – also a newcomer in the snus world. Their popularity springs primarily from their high quality products, but also from the their passion for smokeless alternatives and incredible expertise – this is truly a company we are excited to see more of!

Declaration of content
fibers, water, erythritol, nicotine, aromas, acidity regulator (E500), humectant (E401), citric acid (E330), sweetener (E950), salt, preservative (E202).

Special offer - Order 10 cans and get 2 extra for free!
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