Offroad snus

Offroad snus

Offroad is one of many brands created by the famous snus manufacturer V2 Tobacco. This snus has been on the market since 2006 and is characterized by the low price that gives you value for your money. The snus comes in many different delicious flavours, ensuring that there is a flavour for each and every snus user. The Offroad brand offers different versions of snus - Portion, White Portion, White Mini, Original Mini and Loose snus. All of which are also available in refill versions. The refills are packed in plastic bags or cardboard buckets, which means that you don't have to buy a new snus box every time you buy snus. Instead you simply refill your snus box from the contents of the refill packet. This solution means that Offroad is a highly affordable brand, with many good reasons to choose this snus over the other brands on the market.

The Different Types of Snus

Offroad produces five different kinds of snus. The Portion version provides a very handy way to use snus. The snus user doesn’t have to prepare the snus in any way; it’s simply a question of taking it out of the box and placing the pouch under the lip White Portion is also a portion snus, which means that it comes in pouches. However, compared to a normal portion snus, the White Portion snus is much drier. This means that the snus is less likely to drip, and it’s also better for your teeth because the white snus reduces the risk of getting stained teeth. The White snus is a good option for those who don’t like the feeling of runny snus. The White Mini is, as all White snus, less moist than other types of snus and it comes in a smaller size. Thanks to the dryness this snus is not runny and the size means that it contains less nicotine than other kinds of snus. The number one advantage of the White Mini is that the size is smaller and it allows you to use your snus in a more discreet way. The Original Mini is similar to the White Mini except for the fact that it’s not a White snus. Therefore, it has a higher moisture level and will drip a bit more when having it under your lip. Last, but not least, there is the Loose version, and as the name suggests, it’s packed loose in the boxes. This means that the user must roll the snus into a small ball that can be placed under the lip.

The Different Flavours

Offroad offers lots of different flavours in their snus series. Here you can choose between flavours such as eucalyptus, liquorice, tobacco with a hint of bergamot, juniper berries, apple and spearmint, as well as a mix of tobacco, citrus and bergamot. The five different types of snus are available in all of these flavours and they all have different amounts of nicotine in them. This means that there is a full range of snus to choose between, and the odds that you will find a snus that you like are very high.

The Strengths

The snus from Offroad is not very strong, they usually contain 8mg/g of nicotine. But there is one exception, the Offroad X White Dry Portion. This snus is one of the strongest ones available on the market- the nicotine level is as high as 45mg/g. This product is for those who enjoy extremely strong snus, while the other versions are for those who prefer a more normal strength. Due to the extremely high nicotine levels Offroad X White Dry Portion snus is mainly recommended to experienced users who have a high nicotine tolerance - with a desire for a bit of extra tickle.

Our Assortment

Here at Snus Direct you will find a large selection of snus from Offroad. We have all the versions in most of the flavours available. Since there are so many different types of snus, we are absolutely certain that you will find something that is to your liking.

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