Kapten Snus

A Snus For Every Taste & Occasion

Kapten is a truly novel snus. Although Kapten is a traditional style of snus, the company that manufacturers it holds public opinion in high regard, and as such, they cater to their needs and have made adjustments where necessary in order to create a more modern version. Kapten offers many different flavours of snus, making it more alluring to the palette. It also comes in different forms, including loose snus, and different package sizes to cater to the various tastes of their esteemed clientele.

Each flavour is blended with a natural tobacco taste and can be found in both large and mini portions, with various levels of nicotine. A wide range of flavours have been associated with this brand that have included, among others, mint; a blast of refreshment in the mouth. Liquorice; sweet and warm for the taste buds. Juniper berry; evoking pine needles and Gin. A very modern melon; for those who enjoy fruity sweetness. And original tobacco flavour with undertones of bergamot and pepper. This is a brand that truly understands that snus users appreciate a wide range of choice that is ever evolving to tantalise the taste buds in new and exciting ways.

The Nautical Theme

Kapten is a soft snus that has a light tan colour. It also comes in white portions, which tends to be drier than the tan version, making it a non-drip snus with a softer and mellower taste. Both types of Kapten snus are fully nicotinic products with a range of 8mg to 16mg of nicotine per gram. The cans follow a subtle nautical theme in their packaging and design, making the look classic, bold and decidedly masculine. The nautical theme is also carried through to the flavour, as the aftertaste has a delicious saltiness that balances the sweetness perfectly.

The design of the portions is well thought out. The snus is soft and thick and therefore doesn't create dryness on the gums or lips. With it being thicker, the snus lasts longer, and the speed of nicotine absorption into the skin is slower than with the smaller portions. This means that those who do not need or want a strong nicotine hit might find that this is the snus for them. For a relaxing, pleasant tasting, comforting snus at the end of the day, this is perfect.

Kapten is an excellent, light snus. With its flavourful overtones, sometimes with an addition of pepper or citrus, it sits well under the lip. Despite its mellow nature, there is still a kick to it that will delight those who need that nicotine blast. This brand is mainly only available in European countries.

Five Generations of Passion

Assens Tobaksfabrik is the company behind Kapten snus. Assens Tobaksfabrik was established in 1864, and the company has long been involved in providing top quality tobacco products for its clients. Over the years the company has changed their products to satisfy their clients' demands, meaning that they are always at the forefront of innovation. Having been in the family for five generations, this company is able to adapt as the world changes around them.

Whilst in the tobacco industry for years, Assens Tobaksfabrik didn’t delve into the snus world until 1990, when it created AG Snus as the subsidiary that dealt with smokeless tobacco. However, it wasn’t until 2008 that the company really started re-establishing its line of snus, as the market for this had grown substantially. A lot of thought goes into creating the perfect snus. Kapten snus is a long-standing company, and the development of its various snus types has taken many years. Generations of knowledge have been poured into creating this brand, and it truly shows. For the most part Kapten offers very traditional styles of snus, but with modernized flavours added to it, making this a more updated and unique version compatible with this century of snus users.

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