XQS Nicotine Pouches

XQS Nicotine Pouches

XQS Nicotine Pouches are known for their fantastic flavors and their high-quality. There is an option between a light version: 4 mg per pouch, and a strong version: 10 mg per pouch, of each of their delectable flavors, which makes XQS quite the inclusive choice for newbies and experts alike. What really makes XQS stand out from your typical nicotine pouch is their flavors, there is simply no one that can deliver the eccentricity that XQS has succeeded in doing with theirs. Whether you prefer your slim-shaped nicotine pouch to be sweet, minty, or sour XQS has the tobacco-free pouch for you, and their long-lasting ability enables you to enjoy them for as long as you like.


The Idea Behind XQS Pouches

XQS was founded by two Swedish snusare (snus users) who wanted to try to quit using snus but finding the motivation to do this was not easy and they quickly realized that they did, in fact, not want to quit their use, but rather change it. This led to the start of XQS, and their goals for a tobacco-free future. Their first products did not contain either tobacco or nicotine, but when XQS notices the rising demand for nicotine pouches they decided to deliver the most delectable nicotine pouches on the market. The founders behind XQS saw a future for unique flavors thus steered away from the already abundant number of minty pouches, paving way for new, delightful combinations. A decision that made their company more popular than ever before. The love for their nicotine pouches was immediate and that love has not faded since, au contraire, it has done the opposite. XQS has constantly exceeded expectations with every new product they release. There is no end to their inventiveness, creativity, or entrepreneurship.


What Makes XQS Different to Other Nicotine Pouches?

XQS has admirers all over the world today, and once you have tried one of their nicotine pouches you will understand why. But how does XQS stand against other, tobacco-free snus pouches such as LYFT pouches, On! Nicotine Pouches and many other giants in the nicotine world? XQS nicotine pouches managed to reach popularity around the globe, including the US, as soon as they were released and with their delicious flavors it is not difficult to understand why. XQS’ three best qualities include:

  1. High Quality – XQS offers the classic top quality that is expected of Swedish nicotine pouches, something that is very noticeable once you try one of their pouches. The material of their poches is soft and will not cause irritation to your gum, and the release of their content is well-balanced with a consistent and long-lasting flow. This makes the entire experience of nicotine pouches from XQS pleasant from start to finish and is one of the major reasons why international nicotine users prefer them.   
  2. Quirky flavors – The flavors of XQS are what makes these nicotine pouches go from great to unbelievably fantastic. They are creative, eccentric, and utterly delicious, and there is a flavor to tingle each and all your tastebuds. The flavors vary from sour, to sweet, to minty and even to a somewhat bittersweet flavor, and all of them are delicious. Everyone can find a flavor from XQS with their preferred nicotine strength to go with it.
  3. Discreet usage – With a nicotine pouch from XQS, discreet usage is more than a possibility. Their pouches are slim, and will be hidden comfortably under your lip, and since they are long-lasting you will not have to change pouch as often as you would with other pouches. These pouches are all-white which means that they are free from tobacco and this enables them to be completely drip-free and to not leave stains on your teeth. Discreet usage is one of the main reasons why International and American users choose not only XQS, but nicotine pouches overall, over regular snus – although there are many more differences that set snus and pouches apart.


Which XQS Nicotine Pouch Will Fit You the Best

XQS nicotine pouches offer a wide range of flavors and an inclusive choice of nicotine levels, which makes them popular to a wide audience. Each pouch has a long-lasting release of nicotine and flavor in perfect symbiosis. Every flavor is available in either 4mg per pouch or 10mg per pouch, placing XQS within both the strong pouch category but also as a great option for regular-strength usage. Among all these flavors and strengths - which XQS flavor will fit you the best?

  • Cactus Sour – This delicious, sour nicotine pouch is one of XQS Nicotine Pouches most interesting flavors. It has the refreshing taste of cactus with a sour undertone that will put nicotine pouches in a whole new light and appeal to nicotine users who want a fresh but tangy taste. This nicotine pouch with a note of cactus has a crisp and juicy profile; perfect for a hot summers’ day, or if you simply crave something tart.
  • Black Cherry – These nicotine pouches have a sweet and rich taste of cherries, with a curious, bitter undertone reminiscent of bitter almonds. XQS Black Cherry 4mg has lovely flavor to enjoy after a meal or after a cup of coffee and is commonly enjoyed by users looking for a gentle nicotine pouch flavor.
  • Pipe Candy – If you seek a nicotine pouch to satiate your cravings for sweets, then this is the flavor for you. XQS Pipe Candy has a delectable flavor of caramel with just the right strings of sweetness and can make you turn your back on caramel candy forever. Of course, is completely sugar-free! Couple the flavor of XQS Pipe Candy with its strongest nicotine content of 10 mg/pouch and enjoy a sweet, but powerful nicotine-kick.


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