Shiro Nicotine Pouches

Shiro Nicotine Pouches

AG Snus has added their first ever nicotine pouch brand into their already impressive assortment! Most of the main manufacturers in Sweden offer at least one type of nicotine pouch which is understandable as nicotine pouches are growing in popularity and the reasons for this are many. For one, snus is not only used and seen within Sweden anymore, it is becoming hugely popular all around the globe which means meeting the demands of large numbers of people. We Swedes are proud to be snusers and aren’t afraid to show it! A large loose prilla under the top lip doesn’t scare us, but to some people, who are new to snusing, discretion means everything. On top of that some people simply wish to cut tobacco altogether for a healthier living, but perhaps they aren’t willing to give up nicotine. Nicotine pouches are brilliant for any of these reasons!

Assens Tobaksfabrik

Assens Tobaksfabrik has been around for many years and is an absolutely unique establishment that has been in the same family for five whole generations! For five generations they have been creating and meticulously planning for both their current and upcoming products which has given them a unique opportunity to really develop tasty, high quality products!

Their story begins back in 1864 where coarse cut tobacco for long porcelain pipes stood for most of their sales and only a small number of snus products were being produced and sold. Their pipe tobacco was hugely popular making them one of the largest pipe tobacco manufacturers’ in the world! It wasn’t really until 2004 that the company truly began putting huge efforts into their snus sales and first out was their fantastic Fiedler and Lundgren brand that we all know and love today. In 2009 they went a step further and created a new factory solely for the purpose of producing snus products and this is when AG Snus took form. With their state of the art machinery and five generations of knowledge they were now ready to take on the snus world!

Although Assens Tobaksfabrik has been around for many years’, there are some things that never change. For example, their wish to provide us with products in accordance with consumer demands and to make sure the products that leave their factory are the products their consumers’ need. The year 2019 saw their first ever manufactured nicotine pouch – which truly goes to show that AG snus move with their consumers’ wishes.

Shiro Nicotine Pouch

AG Snus has quite a few products in their lineup and most of them are of the traditional kind with a robust tobacco character deliciously paired with notes of bergamot. It is, however, hard to ignore the fact that nicotine pouches that are both discreet and contain tasty flavouring agents are becoming enormously popular. We have all been wondering, when will AG Snus add a nicotine pouch category to their awesome lineup? Well, the day has come. It was a pure pleasure to try out this new series of Nicotine Pouches because it portrayed both delicious flavour and high quality – it is hard not to love it. The first two products in the Shiro lineup are Shiro Sweet Mint and Shiro Cool Mint.

Shiro Sweet Mint – A delicious snus with mint flavours such as peppermint and spearmint that together form a sweet and refreshing flavour profile. This product has a clean taste that will leave your mouth feeling fresh all day. Not all mint products are suitable to use throughout an entire day, but this tastes so good you just can’t help yourself!

Shiro Cool Mint – If you prefer your mint snus to be on the stronger side with notes of menthol and peppermint then this is a snus for you! It is less sweet than the Shiro Sweet Mint and focus seems to have been put more on the cooling sensation! On top of all this it has extremely comfortable pouch bags that are efficient both in terms of nicotine and the flavour release.

It is hard to ignore the fact that these two products look strikingly similar to Epok and Lyft snus cans – a sleek, classy and very stylish design that will catch your eye on the shelf.

Continued Innovation with AG Snus

AG Snus have quite a few products in their lineup and their main product line is Kapten snus, which is a very traditionally flavoured product so it is very different to Shiro. Perhaps this is the beginning of a whole new category that we will see much more of in AG Snus’s lineup that will mean there is a snus for everyone in their fantastic assortment. At AG Snus you will always be met by both high quality, devotion, delicious tastes and good prices!

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