Tobacco & Nicotine Free

Tobacco & Nicotine Free

Much like herbal cigarettes, snus is also available without tobacco or nicotine, and tobacco free brands are often used to help snus users cut down their snus consumption. Tobacco & nicotine free snus brands use a blend of herbs and flavors in order to create a tasty experience similar to using regular snus, and there are a wide range of brands and flavors. The most well known of the brands include Choice, Grinds, KickUp, Onico,Qvit and Jakobsson’s Tobacco and Nicotine Free. Each of these brands has a wide range of flavors available, so just like real snus there’s a little something for everyone. Furthermore, because they contain no tobacco, these brands of snus are not subject to tobacco taxes like most others are! Although the idea of using tobacco free snus may seem a little strange at first, it does have a few handy uses including the following:

Reduce Your Snus Consumption With Tobacco Free Brands

If you aren’t looking to quit snus entirely but would like to reduce how much snus you go through in a day, using some tobacco free snus can be a great way to achieve this. For example, if you use 6 regular strength portions per day, you could swap out 2 of these portions for tobacco free ones and still get a nice taste while reducing your total tobacco consumption. Having the taste and feel of a portion in is often enough to satisfy many snus users, and you can save your tobacco snus for when you need a good jolt of nicotine to get going..

Quit Snus Using A Tobacco Free Taper Method

Aside from cutting down your overall snus consumption, tobacco & nicotine free brands can be great to use if you are looking to quit snus entirely yet still want to retain the taste and routine of snus until you adjust to going without snus. One of the best way to quit snus is to use a taper method rather than go cold­ turkey. When done properly, tapering can reduce (or eliminate) the side effects of nicotine withdrawal, making it much easier to quit. In order to properly taper, it is important to slowly decrease your snus consumption and taper off over the course of a few weeks. If you are planning on quitting strong or extra strong snus, it is recommended that you first transition from strong to regular portion, then down to mini portions. Once you’re comfortable using mini portions, slowly make the switch to your tobacco free brand of choice by gradually replacing tobacco mini portions with your tobacco free brand of choice. Using this method of tapering makes the transition to nicotine free snus much easier than if you were to simply quit using the cold turkey method.

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