Onico Pure White Slim Portion

Tobacco & nicotine free
Onico Pure White Slim Portion
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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: Tobacco & nicotine free

Weight / Snus: 39.00 g / 0.00 g

Strength: Free

The Onico Pure White Slim Portion is a tobacco and nicotine free snus with a light yet spicy characteristic with a clear taste of peppermint and hints of eucalyptus and vanilla. A balanced flavour with some sweetness along with a lovely fresh sensation.

The pouches come in an all-white slim format, with a perfect fit under your lip and comfortably soft material. The exterior of the pouches feels dry but is internally moist with a moisture level of 36.5% with less drip and a long-lasting flavour experience.

The idea behind Onico was to create a snus for the snus lovers out there who enjoy the snus experience but without the tobacco and nicotine. The best of both worlds. The brand was launched 2008 by Swedish Match with years of knowledge and development, all the criteria needed to create the perfect brand.

Declaration of content
Water, filler (E 460), plant fiber, humectant (E 422), vegetable oil, salt, aroma, emulsifier (E 471), acidity regulator (E 525).

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