Kronan snus

Kronan snus

Since coming out in 2005, Kronan has been a favourite among many snus consumers. We fondly remember sampling the product shortly after its release, and can safely say that it was love at first sight. Indeed, with its classic design – gold lid contrasting nicely with a forest green can – and groovy taste of tobacco, a love affair was pretty much inevitable.

A question of taste

The thing about snus, especially if you're a heavy user, is that after a while it gets, well, a little boring. As you inject one snus after another, it is easy to forget that the stuff is supposed to taste great. It is testament to Kronan's quality that, even after a long day of propping your mouth full of the stuff, you still feel a hankering after another. Not only for its properties – it's nicotine, after all, and hallelujah for that – but because it tastes good. Of course good taste is obviously a question of, well, personal taste. There are even people out there who don't like chocolate or tomatoes, after all – but we feel certain that Kronan will appeal to the great majority of all snus enthusiasts out there. This is essentially a conservative, honest snus that delivers a nice buzz without making too much of a fuss about it. Whereas some modern snus brands are all about dazzling the consumers with innovative or even weird flavours (“a hint of fried peanuts, cherries, onion and cognac, etc.”), Kronan sticks to the basics, and does it well.

A snus for the masses

The Swedes are known for their murderously high taxes, and the snus industry has long suffered under the taxman's iron fist. The effect has been to push prices ever higher, threatening the very idea of affordable snus. Swedish Match responded to the challenge by producing a low-cost snus series, of which Kronan is a worthy representative. If you think that low costs equal low quality, however, you would be making a big mistake. Kronan – the name cheekily refers to the currency used in the great kingdom of Sweden – may be cheap (well, cheapish), but it's actually a pretty complex affair in terms of taste and aroma. When you open the lid a fresh scent of dill and tobacco will greet your happy nostrils. There's some lemon in there too, we think, though one can never be too sure about these things. It tastes pretty much the same way it smells, so you don't have to brace for any shocking surprises upon gently inserting it under your eagerly waiting lip.

What is there not to like?

All of this begs the question: what is there not to like? Well, some consumers may find Kronan a tad bit conventional when compared to the wildly innovative products that have been launched during the past decade or so. Fair enough, we say, but Kronan is still a great, affordable choice that has given us much pleasure over the years. You cannot reasonably expect more from a snus than that.

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