Qvitt Original

Tobacco & nicotine free
Qvitt Original
  • Qvitt Original
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Manufacturer: Gotlandssnus

Model: Tobacco & nicotine free

Weight / Snus: 36.00 g / 0.00 g

Strength: Free

A classic harmonious snus taste with undertones of citrus. Contains ginseng,green tea and fluorine, which makes the snus refreshing and improves
concentration as well as oral hygiene.

Qvitt Original was earlier beeing sold under the name Tobak & Nikotinfri. This tobacco and nicotine free is beeing manufactured by Gotlandssnus, a company well known for the snus family Jakobssons snus.

Green tea, carrot fibers, ginseng, fluorine, aromas (including smoke aroma),
water, taste enhancer (sodium chloride), acidity regulator (E500), humectant

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