Jakobsson's Special Blackcurrants

Original Portion
Jakobsson's Dynamite Extra Strong
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Manufacturer: Gotlandssnus

Model: Original Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.50 g / 20.00 g


Looking for something new? The founder Henrik Jakobsson of Gotlandssnus together with product manager Joakim Widell put their creative minds together and created a unique and balanced combination of the good old traditional snus flavours, blackcurants and sweetness.

The fifth edition of the Henrik Jakobsson’s Special series is Henrik Jakobsson Special Vinbär! (a.k.a. blackcurrants). With inspirations from the sunny Swedish summers in Gotland and creative teamwork, together, they created a tasty new product. Like the other Special editions, the Black currant snus has a unique flavour combination and a lovely sweetness to complement the snus. A must try a hot summer day!

The pouches have the perfect moisture level and fit nicely under the lip. The flavour and nicotine release are subtle and constant, and you fully get to enjoy the lovely taste of black currant.

The design of the can is similar for all products in the Henrik Special-edition series, they only thing that differs is the colour of the lid. The Vinbär snus has a deep purple colour that represent the colour of black currants. It’s always equally exciting every time there is a new special edition! Henrik never ceases to amaze with new flavour and combinations.

Content: Water, tobacco, flavor, moisture preservative (E1520), flavor enhancer (salt), acidity regulating agent (E500), sweetener (E954).

Moisture content: 50%.
Nicotine content: 1.4%.
Weight / prill: 1 g.
Weight / dose: 20 g.

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