Nick & Johnny Green Ice

Slim White Portion
Nick & Johnny Green Ice
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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: Slim White Portion

Weight / Snus: 38.00 g / 19.20 g

Strength: Normal

Mellow tobacco taste with a clear taste of peppermint and spearmint.

Nick and Johnny Green Ice replaced N&J Desert Green/Green Spyke in 2015 and was the first Nick and Johnny snus in the Slim White format. Slim White pounch which is long and narrowed. The white sachets makes snus less runny compared to orginal portion snus which gives a longer release of flavor.

The N&J family offers a wide selection of different flavors. Most of the N&J members are also stronger compared to traditional snus.

Water 50,5%
Nicotine 1,4%
PH level 8,7
Weight/portion 0,8 g
Weight/can 19,2 g

Declaration of content
Water, tobacco, salt, humectant (propylene glycol), pH adjuster (sodium carbonate), natural and artificial flavors, artificial sweetener (acesulfame K)

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