Dip Mix Garlic

21 gram
Dippmix Garlic
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Manufacturer: Orkla Confectionery

Model: 21 gram

Weight / Snus: 24.00 g / 0.00 g

Strength: Normal

Dip Mix Garlic is one of many favorites in the OLW collection of dips. It was also one of the first flavors to be launched onto the market, it’s a spice that is pretty much a must have.

Garlic is always a favorite ingredient to include. The garlic dip goes pretty much with anything you throw its way. Meat, fish, salads, you name it. The spice blend gives you a perfect gentle yet full garlic taste that works great with 3dl of sour cream, crème fraiche or natural yoghurt. Why go through the hassle of mixing and chopping your own garlic when the perfect blend is all ready to use, with a fixed and always ideal amount of garlic. Super tasty with hot chicken wings! It comes in a light blue small package with pictures of garlic and dip as the background. It’s simply hard to miss!

Some info about OLW: In the 90s OLWs growth made a shoot upwards; they had to move their marketing and sales department to Stockholm. The “Fredagsmys” concept came 2009 as a huge wave across Sweden. OLW invested in commercials and the hugely famous song that ended up with “fredagsmys” becoming a big deal to both kids and adults. It didn’t just satisfy the snack lovers, it created a new Swedish tradition!

Ingredients MILK SUGAR, modified starch, salt, onion, sugar, maltodextrin, garlic, yeast extract, GRAY POWDER, spice, leek, parsley, aroma (contains MILK).

This product is gluten free.

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