On! Licorice 6

Nicotine Pouches
On! Licorice 6
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Manufacturer: Burger Söhne AB

Model: Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 28.00 g / 6.40 g

Strength: 16.5 mg/g

Be a kid in a candy store with tasty liquorice

Do you enjoy adult flavours? Or do you associate the taste of liquorice with candy? If so on! Liquorice 6 is for you! This is a tobacco free snus that has a lovely full taste of liquorice that lasts a long time. This is the perfect option for those of you who like to feel like a kid in a candy store while using a modern nicotine pouch.

Dry portions in fun boxes

With its small portion bags on! Liquorice 6 is very discreet. The white and dry portion bag is designed to minimise the runniness while maintaining a longer lasting flavour. And if you ask us, on! has really done it. The nicotine pouches are presented in a nice square box in a dark purple colour. Of course, you will find the characteristic separate lid for used portions here as well.

Long and ancient history

Apart from giving the amazing product its flavour, liquorice has a variety of other uses. The herbal liquorice root is used to give flavour to, for instance, candy and a number of medicines. It is actually used a lot in traditional Chinese medicine. In other words, our boxes contain a piece of ancient flavour history.

Declaration of content

Nicotine 6 mg/portion, content/box 6,5 g

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Tanna Watson
March 8, 2020
Surprisingly tasty
This product has a great flavor and taste just like licorice. It is an easy product to use and I really enjoy the amount of flavor that they have in each pouch.