Siberia -80 Degrees Slim White Dry

Slim White Dry Portion
Siberia -80 Degrees Slim White Dry
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Manufacturer: GN Tobacco

Model: Slim White Dry Portion

Weight / Snus: 34.00 g / 13.00 g

Strength: Extra Strong

The Siberia -80 Degrees Slim White Dry is just as the can implies, extremely strong. The taste and strength are like the other snus in the Siberia family. There is a little hint of mint flavour along with some dark tobacco. The taste is distinct and sharp, but even with the burning sensation there is at the same time a balanced cooling feeling, providing a perfect snus experience.

The difference for this particular portion snus is that the pouches are slim. They are already very soft and comfortable and not as dry as other white dry snus may be. Even before the moist reaches the content the pouches adjust perfectly under your lip. The slim ones may be smaller but still create the same sting. Discreet to the viewers but very noticeable for user with the biting sensation of strong snus and minty tobacco flavour. The pouches also have a low moist content which reduces the drip.

The manufacturer GN Tobacco have a large collection of different brand, both with the strong tobacco flavours and very high nicotine, also brands with unique flavours. In other words, something for everyone. They have made a huge impact on the snus market with their high nicotine snus and shoot out new variations of snus for us to enjoy.

Declaration of content
Tobacco, water, saline, aromas, humectants (E1520), acidity regulators (E501)

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Jordan Garic
September 23, 2020
Worth buying for sure
No other dip or snus is as good as this brand. I’ve bought many cans of the original dry white and the slim dry white. I prefer the slim because it is more low profile but it doesn’t lack in kick.
July 19, 2020
Best snus I have ever tried
The slim type of packs makes it ideal to fit under the lip, nice nicotine kick, satisfying burn. Little bit of drip
Robert Karlson
November 18, 2019
Best snus ever
The burn, the cool, the tingle, perfection. Perfect size to fit the gum and quite discrete. But its the satisfaction that makes it champion. After giving up dipping it is the only thing thing that can compare to a fat lipper of Kodiak.
July 12, 2019
Nice lift
Packs a nice punch. If you got a high tolerance like me, pop two of these bad boys and you wont be craving nicotine anymore. Nice, satifying burn. Would recommend.
jaber alelyani
July 8, 2019