Siberia -80 Degrees 16 g

White Dry Portion
Siberia -80 Degrees White Dry
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Manufacturer: GN Tobacco

Model: White Dry Portion

Weight / Snus: 38.00 g / 16.00 g

Strength: Extra Strong

The Siberia -80 Degrees has gone from 13 g to 16 g.

Perhaps it is fair to warn a little bit about this one, the Siberia -80 Degrees White Dry Portion is the strongest and most powerful Swedish snus on the market today and is not a product for the weak or the snus novice! It has an insane 43mg/g which is basically twice as much as other strong products out there and 5 times stronger than a regular 8mg/g snus. When it comes to flavour you will be surprised at how nicely they have blended a dark and full tobacco taste with a sharp mint flavour.

The portion bags are incredibly soft and simply a pure pleasure to wear under your lip. This is a dry portion snus which means you will experience a slight delay before flavour and nicotine is released but once it is established, the release will be nice and even. Since this is such a crazy strong product it is probably for the best!

Siberian products are among the strongest on the market, something that seems to be a general theme with GN Tobacco products.

Declaration of content
Tobacco, water, aromas, humectants (E1520), acidity regulators (E501)

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Hisham Kharoubah
September 29, 2020
Excellent Taste and feeling
I recommend this Snus for who wants to stop smoking ,it’s making me feel so cool , the delivery from UPS Sweden so fast 2 days, Only if you order to africa countries make sure to contact your local UPS to speed up in custom clearance and SNUSDirect support are good support and follow,
Carl Langan-West
September 25, 2020
Ice cold power!!
Nothing gets me out of bed like a portion of this stuff, has a spicy kick and tobbaco clove and spearmint taste. It has a very pleasurable nicotine burn along with a nice soft portion that is easy to wear under the lips. Lasts long, hour thirty or more. It is quite a large portion, so if you want a more discreet fix, get slim. Otherwise fully reccomend if you’re always looking for a good kick to the face.
Timoteo del Vecchio
July 10, 2020
Drinking Snus
I tried my first portion of this while in Sweden after a few drinks and I was floating. At the time I had just started using snus and went through a few can of normal strength as well as a can of extra stark and this stuff has a warning for a reason..Taste is minty and if nicotine had a smell it would probably be this snus. I like this snus with drinks when I want some extra kick but certainly not every day. If I took this in the morning at work i'd have the nicotine sweats after 5-10 mins!
Kelsey King
July 3, 2020
Went out on a limb to try out this extremely strong snus and I am very pleased with this snus. The flavor is intensely mint, but the white dry portion allows it to slowly come on and doesn't have a lot of drip. Absolutely perfect for an "after eating" snus. It'll definitely leave your mouth feeling clean while kicking like a shotgun. I love it!
Nathanial Thomas
June 28, 2020
Keep a can of this on hand!
It IS strong! If you use other products you will more than likely warm up to it a bit more. No overwhelming flavors but I got a nice start of mint into more straight tobacco.
Edward Love
February 26, 2020
Not for me
I like the nicotine hit it's strong and quick. I'm a new snus user and former full body cigar smoker. What I didn't like is the brown tobacco in the pouches as I'm worried about the discoloration of my teeth. I will be changing to the all white brands.
Brandon Harrell
December 10, 2019
Best of the best!! 100/100!!
I was pretty skeptical at first when I heard about Siberia. So I decided to try some and WOW! This stuff packs a huge punch. I got two pouches in and this stuff is the real MVP! To whoever makes this stuff keep it up because you now have a loyal customer! Very impressed!
John Yates
September 6, 2019
Weaker than i expected
I put 3 pouches in and barely felt anything, the taste was good but i tried pouches out of 2 cans of the red and 1 can of brown but still barely felt it.
Igor Bokov
March 5, 2019
Good value for strength
It's quite cheap for its strength though the flavor is absolutely disgusting. I was barely able to finish it back then when I bought 10 cans of it. Also very strong (don't hold it more than 10 mins or your lips might hurt after a while).
December 17, 2018
Excellent product, and value.
I just recieved my first log today, and wow. The mint/nicotine combination is STRONG. Eye wateringly strong. The initial strength quickly fades, and gives way to a much more subtle, and enjoyable flavor. The first 30-60 seconds really are like a blast of icy cold air. Excellent product, I'll be trying the brown next.