General Wintergreen White

White Portion
General Wintergreen White
  • General Wintergreen White
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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: White Portion

Weight / Snus: 41.50 g / 24.00 g

Strength: Normal

A Swedish snus flavored with wintergreen. It is less runny and maintains taste longer.

General Wintergreen
White is a portion snus, which shares its basic taste with all other General snus types, and is flavored with wintergreen.

Water 50%
Nicotine 8 mg/portion
Salt 4%

Declaration of content
Tobacco, water, acidity regulator (E500), aromas (including smoke aroma), humectant (E1520), flavor enhancer (sodium chloride) sweetener (E950)

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john bullard
January 8, 2021
I was under the impression that this snus was going to be strong. It is not. I have to use two at a time to come close to what i expect. The tobacco tastes old because it is; originating from america, shipped to sweden, processed and stored, and shipped back. I was hoping to replace my pinch of copenhagen but unfortunately this does not do it.
Thomas Robinson
November 6, 2020
I'll pass.
Personally, I prefer General Mint, that and Mocca Mint from now on.
Al Fenkner
October 27, 2019
Placing my second order
I have tried different flavors and this one is my favorite. It's not too strong but has long lasting flavor. I usually buy in bulk so it has been a while since my last order and I'm about to order these again.