Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice

Extra Strong Portion
Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice
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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: Extra Strong Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.20 g / 22.00 g

Strength: Extra Strong

A fresh, strong Swedish portion snus with touches of balsamic spearmint. This particular snus product in the Nick and Johnny lineup has a very interesting flavour combination. At first, you will be greeted by a lovely wintergreen flavour, followed, over time, by a balsamic spearmint that finally turns into a sweet, minty finalé.

Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice is the latest addition to the Nick and Johnny product family from Swedish Match. These products are very unique and, as a rule, stronger than other snus types. They contain a whopping 40% more nicotine than your average snus brand!

The portion sachets feel very comfortable under the lip and have a moist surface for a rapid nicotine release. It is not uncommon that original portion snus loses its flavour quicker than white pouches, however, in the case of N&J Crushed Ice the flavour evolves rather than fades.

As with all of Swedish Match’s snus products, the quality control performed on each can of snus before it exits the factory is more uncompromising than Swedish food legislation.

Water 50 %
Nicotine 15 mg/portion
Salt 2.5 %

Declaration of content
Water, tobacco, humectant (E1520), flavor enhancer (sodium chloride), acidity regulator (E500), aromas. sweetener (E950)

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Josh M
October 19, 2020
You mean "Mediocre Mint?"
Hmm. Mintergreen. Kind of expected more out of this flavor. It's not as strong as one would hope...for me at least. I was hoping for more of a kick. The mint kicks in almost right away but the wintergreen took a while to shine through. It almost isn't noticeable. There's a very, very light sweetness but it doesn't do much to enhance the flavor. I will say it's a pleasant change from all the straight tobacco snus I've been using lately but there are better options out there.
February 27, 2020
Same flavor throughout
The manufacturers describe the flavor as something that evolves. I guess I missed it. I tasted wintergreen the entire way through. It never tasted of spearmint or a sweet minty finish. The portion itself is soft and plump which helps it sit nicely under the lip. The nicotine strength is on the higher end as well. In total, It lasted about an hour.
February 27, 2020
Flavor is not what is described
The manufacturer review states that the flavor evolves. I guess I missed that part. It was wintergreen the entire way through and just faded away. The portion itself is soft and plump which helps the product to sit nicely under the lip. The nicotine is stronger with this one as well.
Ryan McCann
September 18, 2019
Flavor Evolves, Badly
I really (no seriously really, really) liked the N&J Americana and am a big fan of mint, so I gave this a try. Honestly, the mint flavor just isn't good. It's got a hint of mint, but its underwhelming overall, and I didn't really enjoy the drip. Everyone is different so its worth a try I suppose, but if you're a mint fan you probably wont enjoy it.