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Göteborgs Rapé Original

Original Portion
Göteborgs Rapé Original
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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: Original Portion

Weight / Snus: 41.50 g / 24.00 g

Strength: Normal

Mellow tobacco taste with clear taste of juniper berry, citrus and lavender.

The history of traditional Göteborgs Rapé snus goes back as late as 1919. As for Göteborgs Rapé Original it was discontinued for several years but came back in late 2015. However, the new Göteborgs Rapé Orginal came with some improvements such as less salt and a slightly dryer pounch.

The Göteborgs Rapé selection offers a wide selection of different formats, such as loose, white, mini and slim. For those looking for a Göteborgs Rapé snus with more flavor might enjoy the versions available with the taste of lime, cloudberry or lingon berries.

Water 47,5%
Nicotine level 0,95%
PH-level 8,7
Weight/portion 1,0 g
Weight/can 24,0 g

Declaration of content
Tobacco, water, humectant (propylene glycol), pH adjuster (sodium carbonate), salt, natural and artificial flavors including artificial smoke flavor.

Special offer - Order 10 cans and get 2 extra for free!
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