Skruf Strong Portion

Strong Portion
Skruf Strong Portion
  • Skruf Strong Portion
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Manufacturer: Skruf snus

Model: Strong Portion

Weight / Snus: 40.50 g / 21.60 g

Strength: Strong

Skruf uses a very unique and extremely tasty combination of flavours in their product lineup that highlights and accentuates the taste of tobacco. As with original portion, Original Portion Strong (sv.stark) is a luxury blend of rose oil, citrus and bergamot paired with a pleasant salt balance.

Skruf sees the value of a comfortable, soft pouch that fits perfectly under the lip and frees the nicotine and tasty flavours with exceptional efficiency. As with all original portion snus the outer material of each pouch of Skruf Stark is moist which is what aids the quick nicotine and flavour release.

It all started at an old dairy factory in a small town called Skruf, where the two friends Jonas Engwall and Adam Gillberg began their journey to create an excuisite and truly authentic Swedish snus product. Skruf quickly became a world-wide phenomenon and is popular due to its high quality, delicious tasting snus. Ever since Skruf AB was acquired by Imperial Tobacco the world has continued seeing a huge expansion in their product lineup, including favourites such as the slim serie and Nord66.

Declaration of content
Water, certified organic tobacco, moisture preservatives (E1520), flavor enhancers (salt), accidity regulator (E500), aromas

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