Skruf Super Slim Fresh White

Super Slim White Portion
Skruf Super Slim Fresh White
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Manufacturer: Skruf snus

Model: Super Slim White Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.00 g / 16.50 g


Skruf Super Slim Fresh White has a flavour we know and love from before, but in a new super slim format. This flavour is one of the most popular Skruf flavours on the market with its deliciously sweet peppermint flavour which is beautifully coupled with notes of menthol to give a lovely, cooling sensation under the upper lip. A tobacco character true to Skruf's classic flavour profile can be sensed in the background which complements the mint characters cleverly with its strings of rose oil and refreshing hints of bergamot.

The super slim pouch is in short – super discreet! It also has the advantage of being incredibly comfortable and feels very different to the original pouch bags that were the first to reach the snus market many years ago. The shape is designed to feel custom made under the lip which together with the dry exterior that prevents excess dripping makes it the perfect, discreet option.

Skruf have caught the super slim flu as has a growing list of other brands too it seems. It is safe to assume that we will be seeing a lot more of these innovative products from all corners of the snus world!

Declaration of content
Water, tobacco, moisture preservatives (E1520), flavor enhancers (salt), accidity regulator (E500), aromas

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