Oden's No.3 Extreme Portion

Original Portion
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Manufacturer: GN Tobacco

Model: Original Portion

Weight / Snus: 38.00 g / 20.00 g

Strength: 22 mg

Do you love traditionally flavoured snus with lots of tobacco character, richness and strength? If so, then the Oden's No.3 Extreme Portion is for you! The flavour consists of a full-bodied tobacco taste with spicy notes of pepper and fresh strings of bergamot – a citrus fruit that complements the tobacco beautifully.

The flavour is not all that impresses us about this snus, it is also the remarkable nicotine strength that has both figuritively and literally blown us away! Weighing in at 22 mg/g this may not be a snus for the newbie, but is definitely the perfect challenge for the snus conoisseur whom needs a little extra something under his/her upper lip. This explosive experience is portioned into original moist pouches which, of course, means there will be a quick and effective nicotine release as soon as the pouch is put into position. The juicy contents are flavourful and create a comfortable, soft feeling under your lip.

GN Tobacco is the manufacturer behind Oden's lovely assortment of products, but they also manufacture many other popular brands such as Siberia, WOW and Islay Whiskey snus. Their team's enormous skills become evident once you try any of their products – they are brilliant!

Declaration of content
Tobacco, water, aromas, humectants (E1520), acidity regulators (E501)

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Ollin S
January 14, 2020
Great Taste
This portion sits a little more noticeable than others but it isn’t bothersome. I loved the taste. The bergamot was not overpowering by any means and blended with the tobacco very well.