Opinion: Loose or Portion?

Snus comes in two variations. First we have loose, the more natural form of snus where you make portions with your fingers to put under your lip. It’s basically moist, finely grinded tobacco. Then we have portion where the snus is packed in what looks like small teabags.

People usually don’t interchange between the two different types. You’re either a loose or a portion person. And it’s not unusual that one type of “snuser” frowns upon the other. Portion people may think that the loose people are a bit filthy while the loose people consider portion people to be wimps.

But what’s best?

Let’s look at the arguments from archetypical “snusers” from both sides.

Why Loose Is the Only Real Snus!

This is the original. This is how snus was invented and I intend to keep it this way. Since I love the taste of snus – sometimes the clean and uncluttered taste of Ettan and sometimes the flowery aroma of a General – I don’t want the flavors hidden inside a pointless bag.

I also want to snus as much as I want and don’t want to be limited by the Tobacco companies (oftentimes small) portions.

Loose snus has much deeper, richer and more full-bodied flavor and taste. Of course, I might get dirty under my nails, but that’s a price I willing to pay to enjoy a proper “prilla”. I don’t make any compromises when it comes to this habit.

Why Portion is So Much Better!

Seriously, have you seen someone spit out a loose snus? What is it they have under their lip? Mud? That stuff also slides down and gets in between their teeth. They all look like sailors from the 17th century. And they do this voluntarily?

For me portion is the only option. It has a more subtle flavor – more refined if you wish – and simply tastes much better. Portion is more like a glass of light, white wine whereas loose snus is like a mixture of everything from your drink cabinet.

But that is not the biggest reason why I choose portion. First and foremost it’s all about convenience and not looking like a hobo. With portion I can slide one in when nobody sees. I use it at work, when I’m home, when I’m out – always. And I bother nobody with it.

So who are you? The loose guy or the portion guy?

Author: Martin
Location: Stockholm