G.3 Super Slim™ Strong

White Portion
G.3 Super Slim™ Strong
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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: White Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.50 g / 16.50 g

Strength: Strong

G3 Super Slim White Strong is an innovative snus with a spicy tobacco taste that is ingeniously coupled with notes of chocolate and a touch of vanilla. The tobacco taste is quite mellow and lingers in the background along with hints of dried fruit and green grass. A delicious treat for any occasion!

We have seen white portions before, we know how they work - there is much less dripping produced and they deliver a very satisfying, prolonged flavour release along with a pleasant nicotine buzz. We have also seen slim portions before - the thin and long shape which gives you that perfect, custom made feeling under the lip. What is new, however, is this super slim format that is not only barely noticeable (even to the user) but holds the same nicotine and flavour content as a normal slim portion!

The third generation by General is proof that a truly great snus brand is versatile and can deliver great tasting snus products that suit all palates; even as trends come and go. The beginning of General's rich and proud history began with one of today's most popular classics – General Classic Loose. As tastes and preferences have matured over time, so did General. It gave us General Classic Portion, General Classic White, and now the unique and delicious G3 Serie.

Water 48,0%
PH-level: 8,8
Package weight: 16,5 g

Declaration of content
Tobacco (contains nicotine), water, salt, pH adjuster (sodium carbonate), humectant (propylene glycol), plant fibers, natural and artificial flavors, artificial sweetener (acesulfame K).

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Russell Gatten
January 16, 2019
Super Slim and Perfect Balance
This Snus could possibly turn out to be my favorite Snus. I've been trying to stay away from the runnier dark pouches to keep my snusing more discreet. This white super slim pouch is perfect and it's got the nicotine power they promise. The bonus part of their super slim pouches is you get quite a few more pouches so a can could last me a few more days than any other slim products. Oh yeah, it smells like heaven and tastes just as good. 5 Stars all the way!