Skruf Super White Slim Fresh Extra Strong #4

Nicotine Pouches
Skruf Super White Slim Fresh Extra Strong #4
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Manufacturer: Skruf snus

Model: Nicotine Pouches

Weight / Snus: 39.00 g / 17.30 g

Strength: 18mg/g

In the Skruf Super White series there are 4 different strengths, #1,#2,#3 and #4. The #4 strength is the strongest and has a nicotine level of 18mg/g which is one of the strongest nicotine pouches on the market. The Skruf Super White Slim Fresh Stark #4 is an extra strong tobacco free snus with an icy taste of mint. A truly fresh flavour with an extra little sting.

The pouches are super white, they come in an all-white slim format and leave no discolourations on your teeth. They are dry to the touch yet moist on the inside, this allows less drip and a longer lasting flavour and nicotine release. You get to enjoy the lovely freshness along with a high nicotine kick all at once.

The Skruf Super white series has a wide range of strengths and flavours, you will find sweetness from the Cassice, a sour combination in the Rhuby and a plenty of mint in the Fresh. The products are all white and are 100% tobacco free, the traditional snus aroma has therefore been eliminated, you can clearly smell every lovely flavour they have to offer in each can.

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Viktor Kuznetsov
October 5, 2019
there is nothing superfluous. all right.