Catch Collection Licorice Violet

Mini White Portion
Catch Collection Licorice Violet

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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: Mini White Portion

Weight / Snus: 18.60 g / 10.00 g

Strength: Normal

Unfortunately Catch Collection Licorice Violet has been discontinued.
Please see our selection of other Catch snus to find an replacement.

Taste of licorice and violets together with hints of raspberry.

Catch Collection Licorice Violet Mini has a unique taste of violets and licorice along with notes of rasberry together with adark tobacco taste.

The mini portions gives a discrete impression and each portion has a weight of as little 0.5 gram. The white sachets holds flavor longer compared to original portion snus and are dry on the surface for less drip.

The Catch Collection was first introduced by Swedish Match in 2008. Several times each year the snus change flavor and every Catch Collection snus is only there for a limited before the next flavor is launched. 

Declaration of content
Water, tobacco, flavour enhancer (table salt), acidity regulator (E500, E504), humectant (E1520), flavourings, sweetener (E950)

Water 52,5%
Nicotine 0,8%
PH-levet 8,7
Weight/portion 0,5g
Weight/can 10.0g

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