Epok Melon Slim

All White Slim
Epok Melon Slim

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Manufacturer: Winnington

Model: All White Slim

Weight / Snus: 38.00 g / 16.80 g


Epok Melon Slim has unfortunately been discontinued and has been replaced with LYFT Melon slim.

An unmistakable taste of melon together with a classic tobacco flavour makes for a unique experience. Epok Melon is a refreshing snus that has a very natural fruitiness to it and is pleasantly sweet.

The slim portion bags are manufactured with comfort in mind, which is what makes them so great. They feel almost custom made under the lip and are very discreet. The bags contain all-white tobacco that is manufactured in a climate friendly process where brown tobacco is washed in a water based solution and purified into a white form. Epok’s pouch bags produce no dripping and stay white even after usage which prevents discolouration of your teeth.

It is important to us that our suppliers feel equally as passionate about their snus products as we do, and that they share our ambition to offer snus that is not only delicious but of the highest quality. We want our customers to feel how luxurious, genuine and well made our snus products are – which can certainly be said of Epok’s delightful lineup.

Declaration of content
Water, stabilizer (E460), tobacco, humectant (E1520), flavour enhancer (sodium chloride), acidity regulator (E500), flavouring substances including smoke flavouring, thickener (E401), xylitol.

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