General ONYX Titan

Black Portion
General ONYX Titan
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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: Black Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.50 g / 21.60 g

Strength: 12 mg/g

This is the snus for users looking for a strong snus with a dark charm! General Onyx Titan has a flowery and slightly smokey element to it along with a mellow taste of tobacco.

This black portion snus has a nicotine content of 12mg/g – a strong dosage for the strong user. The portions are white and large, they are also beautifully wrapped in a black fleece-like material and placed in starred pattern in the can. The large portion is dry on the outside and moist on the inside to ensure low-drip and a consistent release of flavor.

General Onyx Titan is the third addition to the General Onyx series, a series known for their unique format – the black portions. General Onyx is made with high quality and a flawless design, and as soon as you open the timeless snus can you will understand that these products are more than just snus, they are the new wave of snus creation. Innovation in design, taste and packaging makes this snus remarkable.  

Declaration of content
Water, tobacco, humectant (E1520), flavor enhancer (sodium chloride), acidity regulator (E500), salmiac, licorice, aromas (including smoke aroma).

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