XRANGE General Salmiak Slim

Slim Original Portion
XRANGE General Salmiak Slim

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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: Slim Original Portion

Weight / Snus: 37.00 g / 18.90 g

Strength: Normal

XRANGE General Salmiak has been discontinued.
We recommend some of the other XRANGE snus as replacement.

Slim portion snus with a distinct taste of licorice.

As a General the snus recipe goes back as long 150 years. The dark tobacco taste togehter with the flavor of licorice and notes of dried herbs makes XRANGE General Salmiak a good replacement for those who were previosly fan of General Classic Licorice or Jakobssons Licorice.

XRANGE General Salmiak was added to the XRANGE family in early 2016. Where all members share the long and narrow full sized punch for an optimized fit. Compared to white portions the sachets in XRANGE General Salmiak has a moistened surface for a quick release of flavour.

Water 46,5%
Nicotine level 0,95%
PH-level 8,7
Weight/portion 0,9g
Weight/can 18,9g

Declaration of content
Water, Tobacco, Moisture preservatives (E 1520), Flavor enhancers (salt), Acidity regulator (E 500), Aromas, Salmiak.

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