Göteborgs Rapé Strong White

Strong White Portion
Göteborgs Rapé Strong White

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Manufacturer: Swedish Match

Model: Strong White Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.00 g / 21.60 g

Strength: Strong

Göteborgs Rapé Strong White has unfortunately been discontinued.

It is easy to recognize a Rapé snus; its cans have a golden base wrapped in blue labels – a very classy, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing design. The flavours are remarkably well composed as the typical Rapé snus will have arrays of juniper berries, citrus and wood that in this case is also followed by delicious strings of lavendel. A well rounded snus that has everything you want in terms of flavour, quality and comfort. A definite must-try!

Being one of Swedish Match's most classic and popular snus brands you know it will be very well-made and manufactured with great attention to taste, quality and look. The white pouch bags are dry in order to release the flavours and nicotine evenly for a longer period. The nicotine strength is higher than that of a regular snus, but not shockingly high. It gives you that extra little kick you want in a snus.

Göteborgs Rapé is one of the oldest snus brands currently on the market today. It is a true classic and has a lineup with mostly traditional snus types that now and then are accompanied by modernized snus products to reach a broader consumer base. Göteborgs Rapé has always been keen to innovate and became in 1977 the first brand to release a product with white sachets that would drip less and last longer.

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