Granit Ice Blue White Slim

White Portion
Granit Ice Blue White Slim

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Manufacturer: Fiedler & Lundgren

Model: White Portion

Weight / Snus: 35.00 g / 16.80 g

Strength: Normal

Granit Ice Blue White Slim has unfortunately been discontinued.

Granit Ice Blue White Sim (previously known as Granit Sensations Mint) has a prominent taste of peppermint delightfully mixed with green notes and a touch of eucalyptus. It gives a pleasant cooling sensation under your lip making your mouth feel clean and fresh all day. These new Granit products are very much the opposite to Granit's traditional line of snus that are composed of robust, rich and very powerful tobacco flavoured products.

Perhaps you prefer the discrete look, or the long lasting flavour and nicotine release of a clever slim shaped white pouch. Whichever your initial reason was for favouring this type of pouch format, you will now want it for its superiorly comfortable fitting. Granit's slim bags have upped the game and deliver both in comfort and flavour.

It is clear that F&L wanted to reach out to a broader audience when creating their new and innovative Granit products with slim bags and modern flavours. Each can also contains the innovative – and very practical – Flex Lid that expands the more pouches you put in. Simply genius!

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