Gustavus Slim Cut Strong

Slim White Portion Gustavus Slim Cut Strong
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Manufacturer: Nordic Snus AB

Model: Slim White Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.00 g / 15.40 g

Strength: Normal

The traditional tobacco flavoured snus is a classic that has existed since the first snus was created over a hundred years ago. Most brands offer at least one product that focuses mainly on the delicious tobacco character and how to best accentuate it with complementary flavours such as bergamot. Gustavus Slim Cut Strong is one such classic that is blended with refreshing notes of bergamot and spicy hints of pepper. Being a strong portion, its nicotine content is higher than regular strength snus.

The portion bags are thin and narrow which is a clever design as it fits better under your lip. It gives you a custom made feeling and a more discreet impression overall. The bags are also of the white portion variety which means that they are slightly drier than original portion and produce less dripping.

JTI Sweden's impressive lineup of snus is a pure display of genuine knowledge and expertise of the tobacco industry. They were founded in 2007 and their factory is located near Gothenburg city where over 60 employees take part in the daily rotation where innovation and passion meets professionalism.