Gustavus White Portion

White Portion
Gustavus White Portion

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Manufacturer: Nordic Snus AB

Model: White Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.00 g / 18.00 g

Strength: Normal

Gustavus White Portion has unfortunately been discontinued.

If you are a fan of the traditional Swedish flavour then the Gustavus lineup is for you. Gustavus White Portion has a classic taste but with a nice twist as the popular use of bergamot is accompanied by sweet notes of flower. The combination of these two is delicious – they work together to form a unique interpretation of a great classic flavour.

For a prolonged snus experience and a more discreet impression you are looking in the right place. White portion bags are designed to release flavour and nicotine over a longer period and at a pleasantly even pace. The outer material is dry and needs to be moistened under the lip before it releases flavours which can cause a slight delay to the release. However, once established, the flavours are delivered with efficiency and without excessive dripping. It's simply perfect!

Gustavus is manufactured by JTI Sweden - a leading snus producer world-wide that values high quality and great taste in all their brands. Gustavus received a face lift back in 2015 to better reflect its delicious and luxurious taste as a value-price snus.

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