Jakobsson's Classic Strong

Strong Portion

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Manufacturer: Gotlandssnus

Model: Strong Portion

Weight / Snus: 37.40 g / 20.00 g

Strength: Strong

Unfortunately Jakobssons Classic Strong Portion has been discontinued.
Please visit Jakobssons snus to find a replacement.

A strong portion snus with the classic Swedish snus taste. Touches of bergamot and maple enhance the rich taste, which also offers hints of citrus.

Jakobsson’s Classic Strong
is a Swedish quality snus from Gotlandssnus, made from quality ingredients from all over the world.

Jakobsson’s was developed by the Jakobsson family as early as 1897, and quickly spread its high quality throughout the country.

Tobacco, water, flavor enhancer (sodium chloride), humectants (E422, E1520), acidity regulator (E500), aromas. Moistness: 46 %. Nicotine: 9 %.

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