Jakobsson's Wintergreen Mini

Mini Portion
Jakobsson's Wintergreen Mini

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Manufacturer: Gotlandssnus

Model: Mini Portion

Weight / Snus: 24.00 g / 7.00 g

Strength: Normal

The Jakobsson's Wintergreen Mini has unfortunately been discontinued,

Clear and fresh taste of wintergreen in mini portion format.

Jakobsson's Wintergreen Mini from gotlandic manufacturer Gotlandssnus has a clear and fresh taste of wintergreen with hints of mint and a well balanced sweetness. 

As a mini portion snus each sachet has a snus weight of as little as 0.35 g with a total of 7 g of snus for each can. Which makes the Jakobsson Wintergreen Mini sachets to embed discretly behind the lip. But for those prefering original size on the sachets and a higher nicotine level might want to take a look at the Jakobssons Wintergreen Strong instead.

Declaration of content
Tobacco, water, taste enhancer (table salt), humectants (E1520), acidity regulator (E500), sweetner (E954), flavours 

Water 35%
Nicotine level 1,4%
Weight/portion 0.35 g
Weight/can 7 g

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