Knekt Loose

Knekt Loose

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Manufacturer: Fiedler & Lundgren

Model: Lös

Weight / Snus: 55.00 g / 35.00 g

Strength: Normal

A tobacco centric snus may sound like a boring experience, but it is far from boring. It jolts the taste buds and keeps you longing for more. Should you want to try the all-time Swedish experience you can never go wrong with a classic Loose snus! Knekt Loose has a classic taste profile with a tobacco flavour upfront along with hints of bergamot, salmiak and a smoky presence. The tobacco is very present but with a gentleness that isn't so common with tobacco centric products.

Of course, for you to enjoy a loose snus it needs to stay together well under your lip, otherwise you will end up eating it and no one wants that! Knekt Loose has not only the ability to maintain a comfortable shape under your lip, it is also incredibly easy to hand bake – a much appreciated trait for the loose snus novice.

Knekt are certainly eager to please its consumers and change little things about their product design, quality and flavour profile at the request of their fans yet stay committed to the tobacco centric focus. We love this!

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Lesser Ritual
January 7, 2019
If you're looking for something new
I'm glad I gave this snus a shot. Theres's more salmiak overall but blended with earthy tobacco and tarmac flavors. If you like GROV snus, this is very comporable in flavor to their strong portion, though with more salmiak. I've been buying a few since the first try!