Kapten Café

White Mini Portion
Kapten Café

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Manufacturer: AG Snus

Model: White Mini Portion

Weight / Snus: 30.00 g / 8.00 g

Strength: Normal

Kapten Café has unfortunately been discontinued.

Here’s one for all the coffee lovers out there. The Kapten Café snus comes in white portion and has a flavour of coffee and a hint of caramel. Not too strong and not too mellow. Perfect on a hot sunny day when a freshly brewed cup coffee is just what you need but not cool enough, or perhaps those days when you simply don’t have the time to sit down. We’ve all been there. The taste is just as satisfying as the smell.

The pouches are in the mini white portion format. They are slightly dry at first to maintain a balanced flow of flavours for a longer period. The material of the pouches is soft and very comfortable, they fit nicely under your lip. They come in a mini size and are hardly noticeable besides from the lovely taste of coffee.

AG snus is the manufacturer of Kapten snus, they have been providing tobacco products for approximately 150 years! We can therefore say they know exactly what they’re doing. First known as Assens Tobaksfabrik and then the subsidiary AG SNUS was created. The business has been managed by the same family for 5 generations.

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