Lundgrens Forbakad (pre-baked)

Lundgrens Forbakad (pre-baked)

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Manufacturer: Fiedler & Lundgren

Model: Forbakad

Weight / Snus: 60.00 g / 32.00 g

Strength: Normal

This product has unfortunately been discontinued

The Lundgrens Forbakad (pre-baked) is one we have been very much looking forward to present. It is the only pre-baked snus on the market and it has a wonderful, delicious tobacco character that is accompanied by notes of herbs and a perfect touch of salt. It is a very modern traditional snus, how paradoxical right?

This snus is just so cool, I mean, each prilla looks like a tiny, delectable tobacco fudge and they are baked together tightly and do not fall apart in your mouth. You can even shape each prilla into a format that fits you perfectly without it crumbling or coming apart. After a prilla has been used you take it out of your mouth (still in one shape) and place it into the incredibly innovative Flex Lid that is something the snus masters at Fiedler & Lundgren have quite keenly placed on many of their products. The Flex Lid expands with each used prilla and doesn't require emptying. Also, very cool.

It almost feels like cheating to snus this product because you get the full experience of a loose snus but without the possible (and very irritating) drawbacks of a loose snus!

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