Lundgrens Norrland White Slim

Slim White Portion
Lundgrens Norrland White Slim
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Manufacturer: Fiedler & Lundgren

Model: Slim White Portion

Weight / Snus: 39.00 g / 15.40 g

Strength: Normal

Norrland Slim White Portion is flavoured with the nature of Norrland and takes you to the Swedish fields. It is inspired by our coniferous forests and Swedish flora with elements of spruce and mountain flowers. This results in a fresh sensation, reminding you of Norrland’s culture of mountain hiking and fishing. The flavour is well balanced and has a gentle taste with a bit of dark tobacco. A light floral aroma and mild flavouring.

The pouches are slim and easy to adjust under your lip. It may be drier than average white portion, but it is still comfortable as well as discrete. It has less dripping yet a long lasting mild taste. It allows you to enjoy a perfectly balanced fresh snus for an extended period in comparison to other portion snus.

Fielder & Lundgrens have created a traditional collection of the Lundgrens Norrland and Skåne snus. Capturing the essence of Sweden along with the characteristics that make the landscapes unique. They are known for their cooperation with Sweden’s only commercial and organic tobacco cultivation. They established their first snus factory year 1835 and have challenged the snus norms for more than 180 years.


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Jay Raymond
February 23, 2021
Love it
I agree with the previous reviewer. This has a very nice, subtle flavor and nice soft pouch that fits very well. I first tried this right after having a Lab02 (also an excellent product, but not a white portion) which has very pure tobacco flavor. I mention this only because it's not a really strong spruce/pine flavor in this snus and I don't know that I would have noticed it as much if I had not just had a snus that had little flavor other than tobacco. The flavor/smell of this snus is subtle, but really nice. Silly, but it does remind me of being in the woods on my mountain bike each time I have one. As described, it is a little drier than some, but makes it so that it's discrete enough to use anywhere (office, around town, etc.) and the flavor lasts a a good amount of time. This will be part of my regular rotation.
July 8, 2019
My preferred ‘alt-tobacco’ flavor that goes well with tea and breaks up my more robust tobacco regulars. Hints of spruce/woody herbs and a very slight sweetness without artificial sweeteners. long lasting flavor. I prefer the slim portions over the perforated as I find them more comfortable and also discreet for work. Pretty much the only white portion I use regularly as I otherwise stick to originals and los.