Mocca Mint Mini

White Mini Portion
Mocca Mint Mini

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Manufacturer: Fiedler & Lundgren

Model: White Mini Portion

Weight / Snus: 34.50 g / 8.00 g

Strength: Normal

Mocca Mint Mini has a delightful touch of sweetness along with the usual cooling and refreshing sensation that comes on by the peppermint flavour. There are delicious elements of vanilla which pair nicely with the light and naturally sweet tobacco character. This is a mild snus with a very natural taste profile – a fantastic option for the snus novice!

The mini portions are designed to be both comfortable and discreet which are characteristics that grow in popularity. They do hold a slightly lower nicotine level but for the novice that may not be bad thing. The white portion material causes flavour release to be long lasting, thankfully, and prevents excessive dripping from troubling you.

Many things have changed over the years in the snus world. New flavours that seemed impossible a few years ago, innovative portion formats have been released and so on. But the process of snus manufacture generally remains the same. What makes the product lineup behind Fiedler & Lundgren so special is their policy to use only the sought after top leaves of each tobacco plant which is where you will find all the goodies needed for a great snus.

Declaration of content
Water, tobacco, flavor enhancers (saline), acidity regulating agent (E500), humidity regulating agent (E1520), licorice, salmiak, aromas.

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